DMG Vertical Mate 85 – Ref. 18602


Manufacturer: DMG 

Model: Vertical Mate 85 

New in: 2019 

Controller: MAPPS IV 


Canned grinding cycle: macro executor 


Registerable number of workpiece: 20 pcs. 

Registerable number of processes: 20 processes per workpiece 

Registerable number of grinding wheels: 99 pcs. 

Grinding cycle: 33 patterns 

Dressing cycle: 10 patterns 

Registered data I/O function: USB memory 


Range of internal grinding diameter: (Ø50) – Ø800 

Range of external grinding diameter: Max. Ø800 

Grinding length (ID): 325 (for ø250 or less) 

              400 (for ø250 or more, quill length 250) 

                                485 (for ø250 or more, quill length 350) 

Grinding length (OD): 400 for plain grinding, quill length 250 

                                500 for plain grinding, quill length 350 

                                150 for angular grinding, with the same dia. 


Work spindle swing: Ø850 

Workpiece top height from table: 600 

Max. load on worktable: 700 kg. 


Rotation speed: 2800 – 9000 min/-1 

Wheel diameter: Ø45 – Ø305 

Lubrication method: Sealed grease 

Taper hole: HSK-A100 

Power (continious rating): 11.0 kW 

Indexing angle (wheel head): 0 deg, 22.5 deg. 

Table size: Ø750 

Rotation speed: 8 – 200 min/-1  

Power (rating): 3.7 / 7.5 kW 

X-axis travel:  

from work SP center to the right:   1150 

From work SP center to the left: 250 

Travel speed: 0-16000 mm/min 

Z-axis travel: 700 

Travel speed: 0-16000 mm/min 


Machine weight: 13000 kg. 

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