Model: MIRACLE 081507 

With RATIONAL-DMIS CAD version 6.9    


Measurement range 

X = 800 mm, Y = 1500 mm, Z = 700 mm 



LEADER MIRACLE incl. PH10 head + SP25 – MPEe 

SP25 E=2,7+3L/1000 L=mm 


Temperature range: 

Degrees: 20 – Total temperature variation +/-1°C over 48 hours. 

Otherwise according to the technical documentation 


Renishaw probe system: 

Renishaw PH10M 

Renishaw SP25 Body scanning 

Renishaw TM-20 “gentle” module incl. 1 pcs. Module 

Renishaw SP25-1 incl. 1 pcs. Holder 

Renishaw SP35-2 incl. 1 pcs. Holder 

Key/probe set – Renishaw M2 

Renishaw S3 Plus controller 

Calibration ball Ø25.000 incl. Stand 

Renishaw Rack for FCR25 incl. 6 pcs. Gates 

Incl. Option “Tip changer” 

Renishaw Joystick 


Rational DMIS for Windows is an interactive graphics software that provides advanced options such as: 

  • User-friendly operating system WIN7 or WIN8 
  • Unique interactive 3D graphic engine import of Iges and Step format 
  • Off-line programming and support of a simulated measuring machine environment 
  • Powerful analytical report generation 
  • Automatic intelligent naming of the measured object 
  • Possibility of connecting a measuring machine to an optional CAD system that uses either IGES, STEP or DMIS 
  • RATIONAL-DMIS CAD option for measuring and analyzing contours and form tolerances 


Year: 2000 



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