CNC-Nordic wide range of new machinery products from one of the leading European machine manufacturers: Nicolás Correa.

Nicolás Correa has a wide range of milling machines, specially designed to satisfy the needs of a variety of different industries.

The machine range includes: fixed bed, floor type, mobile table bridge, gantry type bridge and top gantry type bridge machines.


Nicolás Correa:

CNC-Nordic CORREA 75anniversatyis founded in Spain in 1947, and is now one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing of large milling machines.

Nicolás Correa has over 900 bridge type machines, 1000 floor type machines, and 3500 bed type machines installed all over the world, and offers milling solutions, designed for the most demanding production environments. Such as the power generation, automotive, aerospace and  railway industries.

Nicolás Correa is the parent company of Correa Group, composed of four industrial subsidiaries linked to the machine tool sector: Hypatia, Steelworks, Electrónica and Kunming.

The Correa Group has commercial subsidiaries in China, Germany, United States, and India with the aim to offer the best service in all countries.

Belonging to the group, provides Nicolás Correa with access to top quality critical supplies, and offers tailored solutions especially designed for each customer’s needs.

Thousands of customers:

Thousands of customers around the world place their trust in correa range of milling machines. Correa Group currently exports around 90% of its production, to over 30 different countries.
To guarantee a high-quality service to our customers, we have an extensive international commercial, and technical service network in most of the world’s countries. Correa Group offers the widest range of milling solutions on the market, including bed type machines, gantry, floor type machines, bridge type machines, it also has a several options of multi-tasking machines. The entire range, is designed and manufactured in Spain.

Nicolás Correa, S.A. has been listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange since 1989.

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