Uncompromising machining

May 2023 – Uncompromising machining with Nicolas Correa

The globally patented drill quill and milling head changing system enables machining without speed and torque restrictions.

The new drilling system for the MAGNA traveling column milling machine is a patentfrom Nicolás Correa and combines the most important advantages of a milling machine:
speed, precision and flexibility with those of a boring mill: high torque and high drive power.






The system offers unique advantages:

Machining with drilling quill
90 kW, 3,438 Nm, 2,000 rpm (S1)
Ø 150/180mm, W:1000mm

Machining with milling head
60 kW, 1,500 Nm, 6,000 rpm (S1)
water cooled

In-house development
intelligent inline motor with water cooling
Interchangeable interface for all CORREA heads

Fully automatic exchange
of drilling quill and milling head

Highest cutting performance
process independent no speed limit
“Box in box” guidance system