Bandsaw KASTOtwin AE4 – Ref. 18549


Manufacturer: KastoTwin 

Model: AA 4     


Dimensions Approx: 

Length 2240 mm 

Width Min 2420 mm  Max 2920 mm 

Height Min 1725 mm Max 1915 mm 

Total weight Approx 2.200 kg  

Total power approx. 8,0 kW 

Power saw motor approx. 4,0 kW 


Cutting range approx.: 

Round Ø 400 mm 

Square W x H 400×400 mm 

Smallest possible diameter Ø10 mm 

Minimum cut-off length 6 mm 

Min. remaining length, single cut 15 mm 

Min. remaining length, auto. mode 80 mm 

Material feed – single type 750 mm 

Automatic multiple feed 20 000 mm 

Maximum material weight 1000 kg/m 


Cutting speed standard: Inifinitely variable  

20-110 m/min (66-361 ft/min) 

      option: Inifinitely variable  

40-150 m/min (131-492 ft/min) 

Feed Rate: Inifinitely variable  

Material clamping: Hydraulically, pression infinitely variable from 20-60 bar 


Saw Dimensions standard: 590x34x1,1 mm 

         option: 590x41x1,1 mm 


Sawband guide: Carbide, exchangeable mechanically with ratchet through easily exchangeable plastic brush, driven in dependence of the main drive.  

Coolant Supply through 2 coolant nozzles, approx. 100 l
Pump capacity approx. 40l/min  



Year: 2006 


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