Bandsaw FMB Olimpus H54 – Ref. 18544


Manufacturer: FMB Olimpus 

Model: H54      


Semi-automatic band sawing machine for cuts: 

Round: 630 mm 

Square: 600 x 600 mm 

Rectangle: 600 x 1000 mm 

Robust carpentry basement with sheet metal of differentiated thickness, chip collection tank integrated in the lower part of the basement and motorized auger chip discharger.

External drawer for chip collection. Worktop made of tempered and ground plates.
Arch structure made of steel. Flywheel diameter 800 mm.
Arc inclined of about 6° to optimize the cutting of profiles.

Arc descent with sliding on double linear guides, controlled by a hydraulic cylinder with balanced valve for the cutting advancement and valve for the cutting pressure.

Blade motor 5,5 Kw controlled by inverter with high efficiency planetary reducer for high loads.

Motor flywheel driven by means of shrink disk and idle flywheel supported by conical bearings.

Hydraulic blade tensioning with control manometer. 


Year: 2016 

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