Okuma LB3000 EX MC500 Space Turn – Ref. 18551


Manufacturer: Okuma 

Model: LB3000 EX M-C 500 Space Turn 


Controller: OSP-P200L 

Max Turning diameter: 470 mm 

Max turning lenght: 500 

Number of tools: 12 

Big bore spindle, Ø91 mm 

Spindlespeed 4200 RPM 

Mainmotor PREX 30/22 kW

Incl. cylinder type SS1770 

SMW 3-jaws chuck with quick-shift, type KNCS-N-225-65-A8

incl. 1 set hard jaws + 1 set soft jaws + 1 set std. jaws 

MAYFRAN chipconveyor 

GRUNDFOS highpressure pump CRK 2-110/11, incl. Fittings, 

reley etc. Pressure: 9 bar

Extraction nozzle 

Robot I/F – Device Net 

Auto door

Hours spindle: 9681  

Year: 2006/07 

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