Tongtai – 2W-2S NC BTA SPM

Tongtai – 2W-2S NC BTA SPM


Special Purpose Machine – 2W-2S NC BTA SPM

2W-2S BTA is especially designed for vibration absorber during deep hole drilling

Unique coolant system ensures the effect of surface smoothness after machining. The system exhausts chips by using high-pressure coolant through holes in the tool head, out the drill tube, and through the machining spindle. It provides an ideal solution for long tube’s deep hole drilling

2W-2S BTA adopts vertical type configuration, with a short loading/unloading distance to facilitate operations

Excellent chip disposal performance and easy maintenance


Specification 2W-2S NC BTA SPM
Part length 260~400 mm
Machining diameter Ø26~42 mm
Travel Z-1 & Z-2 400 mm
Rapid traverse 30 m/min
Spindle speed 2400 rpm
Spindle motor 15/11 kW
Spindle bearing inner dia. Ø85