SOLD – Central Unit OA-412 – Ref. 18380

SOLD – Central Unit OA-412 – Ref. 18380


Manufacturer: Dansk Stålfilter 

Serial No. 80201147  

Description of the central unit: Capacity 450 l / min. 

The treatment plant is built on a tank with a labyrinth system, which gives the cooling lubricant the optimal treatment and rest time, in order to optimize the separation of foreign oils. 

The system is made of stainless steel with a volume of approx. 12,000 ltr. 


Main dimensions: 6.0 x 2.0 x 1.0 m. (L x W x H). 

1 piece. Band filter size 2000 made of stainless steel.  

The filter removes particles and impurities from the coolant.  

The filter material is automatically fed according to the amount of liquid and dirt. To optimize the filtration and save the filter material and the filter cake, the gear motor is fitted with frequency control. 

The oil separator removes vane and hydraulic oils that are separated in the system. The oil separator has a continuous outlet for collected oil.  

The collected oil is led to a collection container with a level alarm for emptying. The cooling lubricant is returned to the central system. 

The pump system for conveying the treated cooling lubricant is built up with 2 pcs. GRUNDFOS MTR pumps. Pump capacity per pcs.: Approx. 225 ltr./min. at about. 5 bar. The pumps are frequency controlled. 


Electrical panel for controlling the cleaning process contains motor protection for the electrical components on the system. 

 The system is equipped with the following alarms: 

 1) Filter paper is missing. 

 2) Thermal failure on all motors. 

 3) Electronic pH monitoring with alarm in case of deviations. 

 4) Alarm for high / low liquid level or automatic filling, possibly. Through dosing mixer. 

       (Dos. Mixer is not included in the price.) 

 5) There are common outlets for remote alarms for all alarms on the switchboard. 

 6) Temperature measurement. 

Machine is in good condition. Is under power and ready for inspection 



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